Hampton High School
Contact Information

Instructor: Mrs. E. Powell
Courses: Anatomy and Physiology, MYP Biology 
Home Room: 151
Phone Number: 757-896-5898

 Class Schedule 2014-2015

 Red Day

1st Block                     Anatomy

2nd Block                         


3rd Block            

MYP Biology

4th Block                          


 White Day

5th Block                         MYP  Biology

6th Block       


7th Block           


8th Block                       

MYP Biology



My name is Mrs. Powell and I will be your instructor this year. I will be joined this year by Ms. Snyder, who is a student teacher from William and Mary. 

This site is designed to be user friendly and to help you succeed in the classroom. I teach two courses: anatomy and physiology for juniors and seniors and freshman honors biology.

Each course has it's own page. Each page will give you access to classroom notes, power points, assignments, and other course related materials. Ms. Snyder and I look forward to working with you and your parents as the year progresses.


Class Expectations
  •  Students will come prepared with all materials necessary for class everyday.
  • Students are expected to COMPLETE all work and assignments to the BEST of THEIR abilities.
  • Students will take responsibility for their OWN actions.
  • Students will respect themselves, their classmates, and their teachers.
  • Students will not USE their electronic devices (IPOD,MP3 player,etc) during class.